The title reflects what we have been experiencing the past couple of weeks. As we head deeper into summer the key word is going to be “Opportunity Fishing”. I get many requests for sailfish at this time of year and to be honest this isn’t the best time of year to catch them. Although the opportunity is always present to catch one of these highly prized fish this time of year we don’t find them in the same numbers we do in the winter months. That being said you will see a couple of pictures of sails we caught these past couple of weeks.

Right now we are experiencing flat calm seas and strong north current. These are great conditions for bottom fishing and that is what we have been doing as of late. We have been catching mostly gag and some black groupers. I have a dedicated bottom trip on Saturday so will see if we can add some muttons to the mix. In addition to the bottom fish we have also been getting our fair share of amberjack. These hard fighting bruisers’ average 10-40# and are as tuff a fish as you could want.

We have caught some decent kingfish but not in real big numbers. If you are looking to just bend the rod and have a great time with a hard fighting fish the bonitos have been out of control. It is not rare to have 4 rods all go off at once. Tarpon fishing remains very strong. The fish have been eating crabs and some shrimp. We don’t have a ton of time left in our tarpon season so if you to catch yourself a silver king give me a call and lets go get one. The fishing overall is good you just have to take whatever opportunity Mother Nature gives you and make the best of it. 

Until next time, best of luck…
Capt. Gil Gutierrez
Lucky Fishing Charters