The title of this report sums up the current fishing situation in Miami.
The heat has forced us to fish deeper and employ different techniques and styles of fishing to put fish on the boat. It has ranged from running and gunning for mahi-mahi offshore to anchoring up on wrecks to fishing with planers. This time of year all these techniques produce fish. In the winter we can basically throw up two kites, drift and catch fish the summer requires a little more effort.

The mahi-mahi have become a little more inconsistent since my last report. We were running offshore and finding them on a consistent bases but now they have become a little hit or miss. The fish have ranged from some decent gaffers to small school size fish.
The reef has been our best bet as of late. We have been catching kingfish the occasional sailfish, amberjack, bonitos, grouper and mutton snapper. The deeper wrecks are producing amberjacks in good numbers. On some days this has been our best action producing fish drop after drop. We have caught some into the 50# range. Kingfish continue to be caught on the reef but they tend to be a little scattered. What I mean by that is that one day we catch some in 175′ of water and the next we catch them in 120′ of water. We have been catching most of our kings by drifting and coving ground until we dial in on the preferred depth for that particular day.

The bottom fishing is definitely running hot or cold depending on the north current we either have or don’t have. The current has been a determining factor as to the success of our anchor fishing. When we do have current we are catching some muttons, kings, grouper, and bonitos while anchored. The bonitos have definitely been keeping us busy. One of the nice surprises of the year has been the late bite of tarpon we are still experiencing. We caught a couple of tarpon on our last trip just a week and a half ago. I have another trip planned for Monday so I let you know how that goes. Well that is it for now.

Until next time, Best of Luck…
Capt. Gil Gutierrez, Lucky Fishing Charters