With a change in the weather comes much better fishing. It’s amazing what a 1-3 degree change in the ambient weather and in the water temperature can do for the fishing overall. The cooler morning temperatures have put the fish in a better mood. The best bet still remains mahi fishing. We have had several trips since my last report and we were able to get on the fish on all of the trips. The only downside has been the shifting winds. What I mean by this is that on one day you will run 10 miles to find the weed lines and fish. The next day you will have to run 20 miles, but once you find the weed lines it won’t take long until you’re rewarded.

Another fish that has shown up in good numbers have been the kingfish. Although not huge in size there have been plenty of them around. Limiting out would not be difficult if you put your time in. Your best bet would be to work the 100-200 section of reef. Tarpon fishing continues to remain slow. The only thing right now that can really spark the tarpon bite is if you are lucky enough to find a school of mullet. With the fall mullet run occurring you would be wise to take a look up and down the beach once you come out the inlet. If the mullet are there they will be easy to spot and so will the tarpon, sharks, jacks and every other predator that loves to eat mullet.

The sailfish bite is improving by the day. We have caught several since our last report and just a couple of days ago had a double header on a half day trip. The sail bite will only continue to improve as we move closer to winter. If you really want catch a sailfish dedicate yourself to staying in on the reef and turn off your VHF so you’re not tempted to run offshore and get in on the good mahi bite we have going on right now. In addition to all this action we have also been taking advantage of bonito and amberjack. The amberjack have put a serious bend in the rods as of late. The fish have been weighing anywhere from 10-50 pounds.
Well that is it for now. If you want to get in on some of the great action going on give me a call and let’s set up a date to go bend some rods.
Until next time, Best of Luck…
Lucky Fishing Charters, Capt. Gil Gutierrez

Summer fishing entails several different styles of fishing. We have been running offshore for dolphin, kite fishing for sailfish and planer fishing for everything else. Let’s start with the dolphin fishing. We have been running offshore in search of mahi-mahi. The only bad thing is that we have had to run anywhere from 14-20 miles offshore to find them. Once we have made the run and found favorable conditions most of our fish have come on the troll. The fish have ranged from undersized mahi to gaffer size fish in the 12-15# range. The fish should still be around for a while so if you want to put some filets in the freezer this would be your best option.
We have caught sailfish on almost every trip except one. All of our fish have come on the reef. The sailfish bite should only continue to improve as we move towards the fall and winter months. In addition to the sailfish we have also been catching our fair share of bonitos. Although they are not great eating they are lots of fun and a great way to learn proper rod and fishing techniques. As is expected the tarpon bite has cooled significantly since my last report but with the mullet run starting to happen it should only get better moving forward.

Kingfish have started to show up in decent numbers. We have caught several since our last report. Most of these fish have been averaging about 8-15#s. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome a new sponsor, Pirate Tackle Company. If you are looking for great prices, good service and the convenience of online ordering give this company a try and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Well that is it for now, until next time, Best of Luck…

Capt. Gil Gutierrez
Lucky Fishing Charters

Well its official, summer is over and the fall fishing season is upon us. With that said let’s take a look back at some of my past trips since my last report. The mahi-mahi were on fire the past couple of weeks and we got in on our share of the action.

There were days where it only took one log, weed patch or bird to signal what would be non-stop action. You could literally find one weed patch and come close to catching limits of mahi. I urged my customers to take only what they could consume in a couple of diners and we then went on to catch something else. The dolphin fishing should continue to be pretty steady for the time being. We did have one trip where we ran close to 60 miles and never saw so much as a single dolphin. But other than that one trip we were able to catch plenty of mahi-mahi on all of our other trips.
But even on the one trip where we never saw a mahi we still ended up catching other fish we just had to change our tactics.

One of the things that I have been doing this summer is yellowtail fishing.These tasty fish have provided us with a lot of action and some good eats at the end of the day. Now, I don’t spend the whole day catching yellowtails but I do spend an hour or two and then move on to something else. And that really has been my approach this whole summer, catch a couple of fish and move on to the next species. This approach has really led me to some good days out on the water where we ended up with 6 or 7 species of fish in one trip.

As the summer ends and we start to move in to the fall other things will begin to occur. Soon we should see some sort of fall mullet run. These large migrations of mullet make for some great fishing. The mullet will be chased up and down the east coast by hungry sharks, jacks, snook and tarpon. If you are able to locate a school the action can be nonstop. Kingfish are also starting to trickle back into the area after a brief hiatus. Nothing really huge so far but there are some 10-20# fish around. And in addition to all that, sailfish season is right around the corner! A couple of cold fronts and some north wind and the sailfish will be chewing. So as you can tell I’m excited about the upcoming months and the fishing prospects that it will bring. So if you want to get in on the action give me a call and let’s go catch something. On a serious note please keep our fireman, military guys and girls, and police in our prayers. They are facing an ever more challenging time then we can imagine.

Until next time, best of luck…
Capt. Gil Gutierrez, Lucky Fishing Charter