I have been fishing a bunch of days since my last report and the fishing just continues to steadily improve with each passing day. The cooler fall temperatures signal a great time of year here in Miami. As we get more cold fronts and a steady decline in the water temperature the fishing will just get better and better. Let’s recap some of the recent action.

We have caught some sailfish but we have not really had a large run of sailfish yet. That is just a matter of time before we start to get into some hot sailfish action. What has been hot for us has been the kingfish bite. The kingfish have definitely kept me busy eating everything from spoons to kite baits and everything in between. The sizes of the fish have run the gamut from small snakes to fish in the double digit size. Due to the large amounts of kings around we have been catching multiple fish on almost every charter. Tarpon have been very slow unless you find a mullet school. We had our shot at tarpon but we failed to connect. It’s just a matter of time before the shrimp start running and out tarpon season starts kicking.

The offshore dolphin bite has slowed a little bit. The fish seem to have spread out a little more and runs of 20+ miles are sometime needed to get in on the mahi-mahi. But never fear because this is the time of year where little by little we start to find mahi in on the edge while we have the kites up. We caught some fish in 60′ of water just last week. If you see a frigate bird working hard in shallow water it would be in your best interest to go and investigate. This is the time of year you will find some mahi in very shallow water. The mahi fishing should stay steady you just might need to change the way you look for them.

In the fall we do get a sort of mutton snapper bite going. These fish are not very large but they are abundant. The fish can range anywhere from 3-9 pounds. Again, not very large as mutton snapper are concerned but they are very plentiful. In addition to the muttons the amberjack have also been biting well as they head south. We have had fish from 10-50 pounds. Once you find these fish it’s not very hard to catch several. Once we do that and everyone has had a chance to pull on one we will leave them alone and go catch something else.

In addition to everything we just previous mentioned we also caught the following. Spanish mackerel, barracuda, sharks, bonito, and black fin tuna. As I said the fishing is just starting to heat up so if you would like to get in on some of the action give me a call and let’s put something together. I have already booked some days as far out as April so once you decide to go fishing give me a call and let’s get your date on the books. Till next time

Best of Luck…
Capt. Gil Gutierrez, Lucky Fishing Charters