The cold weather pounding the northern latitudes have only improved our fishing here in the southern latitudes. The fish like many of my northern customers have run south to escape cold weather and even colder water temperatures. The fishing has definitely shown an improvement because of this. I had one day in between fronts that I really struggled to get anything going. I offered to stay out longer for my customers, on my dime, but they had a limited amount of time to fish because they all had to catch flights back home. So you may ask what’s biting?

The sailfish have shown up in good numbers not great. We are getting anywhere from 2-4 shots per trip when the conditions are right. Like I said not great numbers but we are catching a few. Almost all of the fish are being caught on the kite. What I have noticed is that a lot of the sailfish have been rather large in size as of late. The sailfish should remain steady for the next several months. Although they did take their sweet time getting here I’m happy to say they are here.
What has been a little surprising is the amount of blackfin tuna being caught. Now these are not the 20-30 pound fish that we catch in the spring but there are fish being caught in the 12-18# range. We have caught a couple which is a little surprising because you can catch the smaller blackfins offshore but these bigger ones are being caught on the reef. Hopefully this is a sign that our tuna season may last longer than a couple of weeks.

In addition to the tunas the bottom bite continues to be very good. As you probably already know bottom fishing is my favorite style of fishing and it has not disappointed. We have been catching grouper, yellow jacks, mutton snapper and amberjacks just to name a few. The only thing that has affected the bottom bite has been the on again off again disappearing act of the gulfstream. When we have had current the bottom bite has been strong. When we don’t have current it is definitely requiring a lot more work to get it done.

The kingfish also remain steady although our biggest one these past couple of weeks was only in the 20# class. There are lots of smaller fish running around that when matched up to the right tackle are a bunch of fun. Spring is right around the corner and that is when the bigger smoker kings start showing up. Also for those wondering about the tarpon bite they are here and we are catching them. Overall the fishing is good and the weather, compared to the rest of the country, is outstanding. I hope to see you soon in Miami. Please remember to keep our service men and women and first responders in your prayers.

Till next time Best of Luck…
Captain Gil Gutierrez