And that can only mean one thing! Hot weather, lots of bonito, and offshore runs looking for mahi-mahi. The summertime fishing pattern is definitely taking shape. And with a change in weather comes a change in fishing style. We now start trolling a little more than usual and we also start fishing deeper than usual. Let’s recap our last couple of weeks of fishing.

One of my favorite things about fishing in the summertime is that I start to do more bottom fishing. This includes anchoring up and catching yellowtail, muttons, grouper and amberjack. The couple of times that we have anchored up have been very successful for us. This will only get better as we get deeper into summer. What has slowed down for me have been the sailfish. We were on a good run for a while but the sailfish bite has become inconsistent which is normal for this time of year.

But just because the sailfish bite has slowed down it doesn’t mean that other fish haven’t taken up the slack. The summertime run of bonitos or false albacore is in full swing. What that means is that at any time we could have all 5 rods go off at once. Although not great table fare these hard fighting fish never fail to put a smile on someone’s face.

And yes we have come to the time of year that people love. I’m speaking about summertime dolphin fishing. We have done several dolphin trips offshore and they have been successful. The only issue we have had is that we have to throw back several undersize fish to get to some keepers. If you’re patient and willing to put in your time you can find plenty of fish for a couple of fish dinners.

Well that sums up my fishing report for the past couple of weeks. I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July and as always please keep or men and women of the armed services and all our first responders in your prayers. Till next time, best of luck…

Capt. Gil Gutierrez, Lucky Fishing Charters