Vacationing and Fishing

My apologies for the delay between reports but this is the time of year where I take a little break and go on vacation with the family and recharge the batteries. I did several trips before I left and after I got back from vacation.

Right now we are in a typical summertime pattern. What that means is that most of our fish have been deep. With surface water temperatures hovering in the 86-88 degree range the water is almost as hot as the ambient air. What that translates to is that we are forced to fish deeper water or deeper parts of the water column to get bites.

If we stay on the reef we have been splitting up the days in two parts. The first part is some anchoring on the reef where we have been catching yellowtails, muttons, and mangrove snapper. People really seem to enjoy this type of fishing because they get to hold the rod and feel the bite versus leaving the rod in the holder and waiting for it to bend over and then picking up the rod. After doing this for about 2 hours and catching some eating fish we then start to troll and gets some air flowing.

While trolling we have been catching kingfish, black fin tunas and bonitos. In addition to these fish we have also been dropping on some of the local wrecks and getting our fair share of amberjack in the 30-50# range. Another great summertime staple has been the mahi-mahi. We have done several trips that were very successful. The mahi-mahi should continue to bite for a while; the only real downside has been the 15-20 mile runs that we may have to make to get to the fishing grounds. Well that is it for now and as always please keep or first responders as well as the men and women of our armed forces in your prayers. Until next time best of luck…

Lucky Fishing Charters, Capt. Gil Gutierrez