Happy New Fishing Year to all my past, current and future fishing friends. I would like to thank all of you that have fished with me for sharing your time and memories with me and I hope that we can make some new ones in 2016!!! The New Year has gotten off to a great start. I fished almost fourteen days since my last report so there is a bunch of information to get to.
Let’s start with some of the bad news. The tarpon fishing has been really lagging this past month. Right now we should be catching tarpon on the beach but that is just not happening. As I write this report we are experiencing our second “cold front” in two weeks. Ok, it’s not really cold but I hope that this weather will spark some shrimp runs and push some tarpon our way. I will keep you updated as to when they show up but right now we are better off putting our efforts in to other species of fish. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I see a lot of reports where everything is great and biting and I would rather be honest with you and tell you the good and the bad.

The sailfish bite has been ok for us. We had a tremendous influx of green water and south current for as long as I can seem to remember. These conditions are not the most conducive to spark a sailfish bite. We have started to see some north current move in along with improving water color and this should only help to improve what has been a good but not great sailfish bite.

At the end of December I had several requests to do some grouper fishing before the close of the season. Now if you know me or you have read any of my reports I absolutely love to meat fish. So when I got these requests I was only happy to oblige. The grouper bite just seems to get better every year. We were able to get some just before the closure went into effect. Red, black, and gag grouper have been biting very aggressively. Once the closure went into effect we then started to concentrate on the fish that we could keep, mutton snappers. On our best trip we caught 5 with our biggest coming in at just a hair over 15#s. We seem to be averaging 2-4 fish per trip of these excellent eating fish. We are also starting to see some cobia showing up on the wrecks with our biggest one tipping the scale at 26#s. Also making their presences felt have been some rather large amberjack. Our biggest was just over 50. Not the greatest eating fish but one of the strongest pound for pound.

Kingfish are starting to filter in. We haven’t had a day where we were able to limit out but we have been catching some. Most of the fish we caught were teenagers, fish in the 10-20# class. The kings should be here for a while so if you want some smoke fish let’s get to it. The mahi-mahi have been up and down the edge. All you have to do is sit and wait and you should be able to catch a couple for dinner.

I think that covers just about everything for now. As always please keep the men and women of our armed services and our first responders in your thoughts and prayers and may God bless the USA.
Until next time best of luck…

Capt. Gil Gutierrez, Lucky Fishing Charters.