Miami Fishing Report

Well Spring has sprung and Winter had its 3 week run. That kind of sums up how our “Winter” fishing season felt. It seems like we had 3 weeks of cooler temperatures and now we are already into the mid 80 as far as temperatures are concerned. But the fishing in Spring is some of the best fishing we experience all year long.

The Sailfish have finally found their way into the Miami area. It seems as if this winter season the sailfish were playing a game of hide and seek with billfish anglers. They seem to have finally come into the Miami area in good numbers. The only thing that has been a factor in the number of sails we catch has been the wind. It seems that there are only two speeds for the wind, its either blowing 30mph or 2mph. On those days that we have a good wind we have been getting our fair share of sailfish and on those days that we have little to no wind we are getting just one or maybe 2 shots at the sails.

On the days that we have little to no wind I have been doing a bunch of bottom fishing. The grouper bite has been outstanding with many days yielding multiple fish. The two predominate species have been the Black and Gag groupers but we have also caught some Red Groupers. All were released with careful attention to where they were caught to see if on May 1 I can find them again, stay tuned. The reef donkeys, aka Amberjack, have been on fire. And to be honest after a couple of Amberjack, Groupers and Mutton Snappers most customers ask if they can take a break and go catch something else. The bottom bite has been very good to say the least.
Tarpon fishing remains very slow out on the beach with inconsistent numbers of fish being caught.

That is the low point of this report. This time of year we should be able to get 3-4 shots at a Tarpon on a 4 hour charter and the fish are just not consistently there. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for all you Tarpon fanatics. Hopefully they will show up in good numbers and start chewing more aggressively. There are areas of the bay where you can find Tarpon but many times all you do is just sit there and watch the fish roll around and they never bite a single thing that you throw out there. I for one will not fish around cleaning tables and charter boats to get a bite it just seems like cheating to me. If that were the case I could just fish in my slip and catch all the Tarpon behind my fish cleaning station.

Back offshore we have also caught some small Blackfin tuna. Very soon we will start catching larger 20-30 pound fish. Mixed in with these Blackfin tuna are also Bonito. Kingfish seem to also be in the mix with a couple of fish ending up in the fish box this past week. As always please remember our first responders as well as our military men and women. Well that is it for now until next time
Best of Luck…

Capt Gil Gutierrez, Lucky Fishing Charters.