It has been a while since my last report due to being a very busy April. The fishing in Miami Is as good as it gets right now. Multiple species days are almost the norm right now. There are some days where you will catch multiple blackfin tuna and then there are days when we just sat on the anchor and ended up with kingfish, several muttons, gag grouper, blackfin tuna, dog and mangrove snappers just to name a few.

And that really is indicative of the type of action that you can expect this time of year. The one issue we have had that has affected the bite has been the current. The current can’t seem to make up its mind about what it wants to do. One day its 2-4 knots to the north the next its 2-4 knots to the south and the next its nowhere to be found. That has had the biggest effect on the amount and type of fish we are catching.

Blackfin tuna have invaded the Miami area. We have had several days with multiple tunas but the key for me have been the pilchards. Once I’m able to net some pilchards we are almost assured of getting into some tuna action. That being said we have been catching them off the kite ae well as flat lines. Along with the blackfin tuna’s kingfish have also shown up as well. We are catching fish in 20-30 pound range on a good basis.
Bottom fishing remains a staple for us. The mutton snapper have been biting very well. As we come up on the full moons of May, June and July the mutton bite should be very good a couple of days before and a couple of days after the moon. Happy times!

Grouper fishing is also been very consistent as you can see from the pictures. The days with current flow have been the most productive for me. The mahi much like the current in Miami have been playing a game of catch me if you can. One day they are in a 100′ of water the next 300′ and the next 800′. Right now I prefer to stay in on the reef where we have more of a chance at multiple species then to run all over the ocean searching for one. Funny part is sometimes while we sit on the anchor we will have mahi-mahi swim right up to the boat, go figure.

Well that is all for now. A picture is worth a thousand words so if you would like to get in on the action you see in these picture or you want to target something specific like bottom fish give me a call and let’s set something up. As always please keep our men and women of the armed forces and our first responders in your prayers and until next time, Best of Luck…