Big Mutton SnapperNow that I think about it the proper title for this report should be the Miami bottom fishing report. With temperatures in the mid 90’s to 100 degrees it’s time to fish deep! And that is what we have been doing since my last report. I will start off with the bad news. The tarpon fishing has been dismal this year compared to past years. I’ve compared notes with several other guides and they have said the same thing. The only place that produced any kind of consistent bite was the bay. Let’s hope next year is better I’m sure it could not be any worse.

Now let’s get back to some positive news. The bottom bite has been very good. I had one day where I struggled with too much current and too many sharks. No matter where I went the sharks just seemed to follow me. Even that day we were able to catch some bottom fish but no huge numbers. But that was really the only day where the bite was really tuff. The mutton snappers have been biting very well and will continue to bite as we build towards the full moons. I did notice this year an unusual increase in the amount of people fishing for mutton snapper this year. It seems that the mangrove snapper bite has been starting to heat up.

These great tasting snappers should be all over the reef as they get ready to spawn. You will catch a couple mangroves while yellowtailing and mutton snapper fishing. Please keep in mind, while snapper fishing, the size limit for the particular species of fish your catching and bag limit. The yellowtails are also chewing very well in addition to the muttons and mangroves. This is the time of year when we break out the 12 pound spinning rods and planers to get baits deep.

The kingfish, tunas, wahoo and bonitos love the planers. It’s not unusual to catch a boat limit of kingfish on the planers. Summertime also marks the return of the bonito blitz. That is when every rod on the boat bends at almost the exact same time when a school of bonito come thru. Although not great eating they are hard fighting and a lot of fun. Mahi-mahi or dolphin fishing has been ok with a lot or running around being required to catch fish. I often get asked if you can dolphin fish on a half day charter. In the spring you can get away with it because the dolphin are shallow but in the summer the fish tend to be deeper requiring longer runs. If you want to fish for dolphin you really need more than a half day charter to do so. So that is basically our summertime pattern. If you choose to stay on the reef we can yellowtail a little while we then switch gears and go deeper and try for some mutton, grouper, kings and bonito. If you want to mahi-mahi fishing we can go do that all you have to do is give me a call and let’s go bend some rods and have some fun. As always please pray for our men and women of the armed forces and our first responders. Until next time Best of Luck…

Lucky Fishing Charters, Capt. Gil Gutierrez