Miami Fishing Report

Sorry about the delay in fishing reports! I took some family time before season started and the winds In October really put a dampener on the fishing causing me to have to cancel several trips. But all that has passed and we have done a bunch of trips. The sailfish season has started and we have been getting our fair amount of shots when we have been targeting them. The more cold fronts that start to roll south the better the fishing will become.

If you want to catch a sailfish the right time of year is upon us.
As you can see by my pictures I have been doing a bunch of bottom fishing and the fish have not disappointed. The mutton snapper have been biting very well to say the least. We have been getting mutton snapper into the 14# range with a bunch of 6-10# fish thrown in. We have also caught a fair amount of amberjack, horse eye jacks and jack cravels while fishing for the muttons. Kingfish have also shown up in good numbers.

Some of these kings are small 24″ fish with several 20# fish mixed in with them. Cero mackerel and Spanish mackerel have invaded the shallower sections of the reef. The Spanish mackerel are great eating and a ton of fun light tackle. Since we can catch these near shore they are a great option if it is too rough to go offshore. The mahi-mahi have been a little hit of miss. The predominately north winds that we tend to get this time year is not really favored by mahi. They like that hard wind out of an easterly quadrent. Keep an eye out for bait showers in shallow as this maybe a mahi or sailfish chasing ballyhoo in depths as shallow as 40′.

Fishing overall right now is very good. There are a ton of options that we can try. Give me a call and let’s set something up. Also if you’re looking for a great gift for the fisherman in your life consider giving them a day of fishing! Well that is it for now as always please pray for our men and women of the armed services and our first responders. And May God Bless The U.S.A!

Until next time, best of luck…