It’s starting to feel a little like spring fishing is in the air! Cool mornings followed by warm afternoons have given the air a bit of a spring feeling to it. I have done a bunch of trips since my last report and the results have been good although it does seem like I’ve had to work a little harder than usual when the current decides to disappear and then reappear. But that hard work has yielded some good results.

The sailfish seem to have finally become more consistent. Right now we are getting 2-4 shots per day when we target them. The sailfish sure seem to be on the large size which may indicate that the female sailfish are starting to show. If you wanted to target sailfish now is the time. We caught several this past week that looked like rather healthy.

The bottom bite has definitely made things exciting for us. The amberjacks have taken over the wrecks and we are catching multiple fish on every trip. Our largest one since my last report was a brute that pulled the scale down to the 61# mark. We also had a couple of the fish in the 50# class. If you want to make your arms 3″ longer this is the fish to do it. We are catching these fish on stand up tackle so that customers get to really feel the power of this fish and they also get to practice their technique which I often stress on my trips. There is no need for a fighting chair when you use proper technique and appropriately sized tackle.

In addition to the amberjacks the grouper have also been biting well. Although, the season is closed they put up a great fight. We have been catching blacks, reds, and gag or gray groupers. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite fish, the mutton snapper. You can see by the pictures that we have caught some quality mutton snappers on our trips. The fish have ranged from the 8# mark up to 14#s. I still have May 1 available for the opening of grouper season so if you’re interested in catching some grouper and mutton snapper get ahold of me and let’s get that date booked.

As always in my reports I give you the good and the bad. Tarpon fishing is still extremely inconsistent. The tarpon just don’t seem to be there is any reliable number. Now given that bit of bad news it may change, but right now I just don’t have a tremendous amount of confidence in the tarpon fishing. Most of my customers have opted to just fish offshore where the odds are definitely stacked in our favor.

Now that we got the bad news out of the way let’s talk about what else is going on. There have been some blackfin tuna around. The majority of these tunas have been on the small side, 3-5# (I keep it honest folks), but there have been some bigger tunas mixed in. Now the reason I mention this is that in a short while we will start to see and hear of the bigger 25-30# class blackfin start to show up. I think this maybe a pretty good tuna season. There have also been some yellowfin tuna caught as of late pushing the 200# mark. Now, I have not personally caught one but I don’t think I have ever seen so many tunas, especially yellowfins, being caught. I even saw a video of several Bluefin tuna just offshore of the Miami area. That is why I get the feeling this maybe a great tuna season so stay tuned!

In addition to all the fish I just mentioned the kingfish have shown up in decent numbers with some fish pushing the 40# mark. Add in bonitos, sharks and the occasional cobia and you can see we have several options we can try.
Well that is it for now please remember to keep our men and women of our armed forces and our first responders in your prayers, until next time best of Luck…

Capt. Gil Gutierrez, Lucky Fishing Charters