Bahamas Island vacation

Bahamas Bliss Island vacation

Hand feed domesticated stingrays in honeymoon harbor. Bimini
Play tug of war with big Bull sharks using rope and bait. Bimini

The Bahamas Consist of pristine beaches and crystal clear waters with world class bottom fishing year round for species like Grouper and Snapper along with incredible Wahoo, Yellowfin tuna, and Blue marlin fishing all in their respective season.

Great day of wahoo trolling!! Cay Sal Bank
Slow day of wahoo trolling still lots of fun! Cay Sal bank

Wahoo run October through February off Cay Sal Bank and Bimini with each fish averaging 30-80 pounds, catching 10-30 fish per day while high speed trolling at 14kts using electric assist reels with option to manually reel the fish.

40lb. Yellowfin Tuna head after sharks ate it! Tuna Alley
Nice Tuna from tuna alley!

Yellowfin Tuna run Febuary through August and each fish average 40-60 pounds, catching as many as we can handle. We target Tunas in Northwest providence channel south of Grand Bahama by using the vessels Radar to locate the Birds that are feeding on the bait pursued by the tunas. Chunking and Live bait chumming is the method to raising the fish from 250 feet below to just under the boat where we hand feed the Tuna.

Big Blue marlin on 30lb stand up gear Chub cay, Bahamas
Blue marlin on 20lb. test line spinning outfit

Blue Marlin run April Through September and average 250-500 pounds each caught by trolling a 8 line spread and 4 teasers with natural bait/lure combo.

Bahama Fishing Packages

  • $1850 Per Day, 2 day minimum (8-10 hour days) plus accommodations and meals for all. Up to 6 clients. $800 extra fuel charge for each day you want to specifically target Yellowfin Tuna in Tuna alley or high speed Wahoo troll the majority of day.
  • $3800 (10-12 hours) Bimini Bottom fishing day trip for up to 6
  • $5000 (14 hour) Yellowfin tuna day trip for up to 4 clients any age
  • $5000 (33 hour) Wahoo trip Cay Sal Bank for up to 4 clients any age

 Includes captain service, fuel, fishing permit, customs fee, dockage, bait, tackle, ice, and fish cleaning.
Valid Passports are required on all Bahama trips. 

Bimini Accommodations

Living room area with 2 pull out sofa beds
Condo kitchen
Condo Master bedroom

We have available a 2/2 condo in Resort World Bimini and casino steps from the beach and from the resorts infinity pool. This condo is 1200 square feet With Washer-dryer, balcony and full kitchen. One room has a king bed with a full bathroom, the other room has 2 full beds. 

The living room has 2 queen pull out sofa beds totaling 6-7 person sleeping capabilities with out the need of inflatable mattress.

The cost for the condo is 300/night 2 night minimum plus a 1 time cleaning fee of 100$

House Pool and dock view
House Living room and kitchen

6 bedroom houses available on the water with your own dock that sleep 10+ person as part of the resort on the private island. Cost start 1100/night and can be found online from webpages like

You can also chose to stay at the Hilton in the resort or anywhere on the island you’d like. 


On the departing day We meet at 7:30am to load the boat and depart to the Bahamas on the 1.5 hour voyage where we can encounter Pelagic fish like mahi, tuna, billfish in the deep gulf stream. 

Upon arrival in the Bahamas we first clear customs, get our dock slip, room keys, and unload our luggage and groceries. 
You can then spend the day fishing, free diving, Spearfishing, ship wreck snorkeling, or simply hanging out on the beach where you can hand feed the friendly local stingray and nurse sharks. 

We return to land every afternoon with enough light to clean our catch for dinner cooked at local restaurant or in the condos kitchen. 

At night there is plenty to do from local dance bars to the resort casino. 

On the morning we depart our luggage is loaded on the boat and after spending the day fishing we return to Miami by 5pm once again crossing the gulf stream looking for mahi, tuna and any Pelagic fish. 

Upon arrival in Miami we have a video chat with customs and immigration for clearance to re enter the USA and then clean our days catch and unload luggage. 
We recommend staying the final night in Miami or making your flight a very late one incase customs and immigration ask to see someone in the group in person at there office.

Big groupers average 30-60lbs.
Big snappers keep us busy all day
Catch all the groupers you can handle
Haul of Snappers
Mutton Spawn with some groupers
Big Groupers are plentiful
Snappers coming in to eat
Snappers right off the transom
Snappers with a few tuna
Many Bonefish in The Bahamas
Feeding the Stingrays
Anchored onto of a ship wreck fishing

We also offer a shipping service for your catch by a third party.