Miami, Miami Beach, and Key Biscayne offer some of the finest sailfish action in the world, depending on the time of year and conditions. South Florida offers more than just a chance of hooking up to a sailfish. Single and double hook-ups are common as schools of sailfish stalk your baits.

Along with the sailfish action, there is always the chance of catching a kingfish, dolphin (mahi mahi) or any number of species that inhabit the waters off Miami. Booking an afternoon/evening sailfish/tarpon trip affords you the opportunity of catching both sailfish and tarpon, 2 of Miami's most sought after species.

I start the day filling the livewell with pilchards, threadfin herring and maybe even some goggle eyes. After a short run out to the fishing grounds. Anywhere between Miami Beach just north of the port of Miami, and usually south to Key Biscayne. Then depending on the sea conditions (current) and wind direction, I set up our drifts anywhere from 80 - 300 feet of water. Sailfish prefer a strong north current.

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Kite fishing is by far the most popular method of attracting sailfish around Miami and we usually fly 2 kites. Your baits are rigged and suspended from the lines off of the kite, keeping your baits swimming right at the surface. The action of the baits trying to swim down really attracts most predators. I will also fish a flat line and or downrigger bait, which floats off in the opposite direction than the kite baits. This gives us even more opportunities for catching sailfish.

On the days when conditions are not the best, we may even slow troll in the areas where the sailfish should be.

To learn more about how to catch sailfish, call Capt. Capt. Gil at 954 588-5951 to schedule a trip. The info you'll learn will have you jumping for joy when you watch the tail walking antics of sailfish that you'll be catching on your own.


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