Our Partners

“Miami Sailfish Charters uses only quality equipment and tackle that withstands the harsh abuse from saltwater fishing 200 days a year. The relationship and accomplishment we have earned over the last 16 years in the marine industry has allowed us to work along side the best companies. We provide new product field testing to ensure the equipment can withstand the demand of charter fishing. We then assist in the final development stages of the products before they hit the market. Once released we provide professional videos and photography to our sponsor of real world boating so consumers can relate to the product. Located in the boating capital of the world gives us the best opportunity to provide Product placement to 10’s of thousands of boat owners. This is accomplished by engaging with our large social media & YouTube following posting daily, winning tournaments each with hundreds of anglers, magazine articles, fishing seminars, and with our yearly average of 200 charter groups. I also provide charters in exchange for products to our partners for their guest and team building trips. We truly appreciate the large support and trust from our sponsors listed below that allow us to continue performing at a high level winning tournaments.

Shoot me a email if would like information on how we could assist your company by joining our team.”

Capt. Christian Sanchez