35T Open Fisherman

Open Fisherman 35T Rates Details

*Trip prices are per boat, not per person. Hours denote the duration of the trip from departure at the dock to return.

*Maximum of 6 clients for all charter boats, as allowed by Coast Guard law, regardless of boat size.

*Departure times are flexible.

*We offer boat pick-up services from your waterfront home or a nearby marina.

Planning a corporate event or a large group gathering? You can book multiple boats with us!

Offshore trolling, kite fishing, and bottom Reef/wreck fishing 3-20 miles out (Sailfish, tuna, kingfish, wahoo, snapper, grouper, mahi, Marlin, shark and more) Recommend age 13-65.

Multiple Sailfish at the same time happen daily
Good morning of mahi fishing
  • $1000 (4 hours) – Enjoy a fishing experience within minutes from the dock only 3-5 miles from shore, making it a perfect choice for those who are new to fishing, young children, or elderly participants. You won’t need to pack much for this quick trip, so keep your cooler contents light and convenient.

  • $1300 (6 hours) – Our most popular trip takes you fishing 3-12 miles offshore, offering up to 60% more fishing time. This extended time allows us to fine-tune our fishing approach and explore different styles. If your goal is to catch summer Mahi offshore, this is the ideal trip for that purpose.

  • $1600 (8 hours) – Typically departing at 7 am, this trip is designed for the truly passionate fisherman who wants to experience various styles of offshore fishing in South Florida. With an extended range of up to 18 miles out and the option to explore Key Largo or North Miami, it’s an adventure-packed day. Be sure to pack your lunch, snacks, and drinks to keep you energized, and bring a cooler to store your catch.

  • $2100 (10 hours) – Tournaments and extended full-day trips are ideally suited for experienced fishermen. In tournaments, any winnings, including the Calcutta, are split 60% to the client and 40% to the boat and crew. All entry fees for tournaments are covered by the client

Swordfish 18 miles offshore Day or Night. Recommended age 18-65.

6 hour battle with this swordfish lasted into the night
Double header of small swordfish while day fishing.
  • $1600 (8 hours) – On this trip, you’ll have the opportunity to fish the offshore waters for Swordfish and other offshore species, whether it’s during the day or at night. This adventure is best suited for experienced anglers who are looking to achieve their dream catch or stock their freezer. Along the way, you may also encounter Shark, Billfish, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi. Be sure to bring protective clothing, as well as food and drinks to keep you fueled during this extended journey..

  • $1900 (12 hours) – Extend your swordfish trip and Increase your chances at catching a big swordfish, mahi, tuna, and other offshore pelagic fish.

Tarpon & Snook Inshore Bay Trip. Recommended age 13-65

Redfish suprise
Permit surprise
Double header of snook
  • $850 (4 hours) – This trip takes you to the protected, calm inshore waters, inlets, and bridges of Biscayne Bay and South Beach, where you’ll have the chance to target Tarpon, Snook, and possibly Shark, Snappers, Barracuda, Permit, and more. It’s primarily a game fish trip, with a focus on catch and release, offering quality fish over quantity.

Coastal Patch Reef Trip. Recommended age 7-12.

Great trip for kids
Small fish but lots of action
Uncommon large Snapper and Grouper
  • $750 (3 hours) – Experience fishing the shallow patch reefs, anchored in 20 feet of water, just 1 mile offshore. On this trip, you’ll have the opportunity to catch various species, including small jacks, porgy, Snapper, Grunt, Grouper, Barracuda, Shark, and more. This action-packed adventure is suitable for all ages, with a focus on kids and beginners. Most, if not all, of the fish caught are pan-sized and will be released unharmed, as they are often undersized.

Shark Fishing. Great for all ages.

  • $800 (4 hours) – Enjoy fishing in the calm and protected inshore waters or offshore, where you’ll have the opportunity to catch Shark, Barracuda, Jacks, and small Snappers. Please note that no edible fish will be caught during this excursion.

*All Price includes : Captain services, fuel, fishing licenses, fishing equipment/tackle, Live & dead bait, coolers with ice for your drinks & catch onboard, safety equipment-(Life jackets, E-Pirb, first-aide & trauma kit).

*Not included :  Your Drinks, food, snacks, water bottles, sunblock. Alcoholic beverages welcomed.

*Booking your trip :
A reservation will be secured once a deposit has been received, and your trip has been confirmed. 

To confirm all bookings, a 20% deposit is required. 
Full payment is due before your departure.

*We accept payment in cash, Zelle, Cash App, or Venmo. Please note that when paying with a credit card, a 4% surcharge applies.

Cancelation Policy

*Deposits are refunded if cancellation is made prior to 2 weeks before the scheduled trip.
If the Captain determines that the weather conditions are unsafe, a full refund will be provided or the trip can be rescheduled for another day. Alternatively, the client may choose to fish inshore.

*Cancellations made by client for tournament, Bahama, or multi boat trips will not be eligible for refund of the deposit.

*If a customer requests to return to the dock meeting location from a fishing trip for any reason and later wishes to return to the offshore fishing spot, there will be a fuel fee of $50-$100, and no extra time will be added to the trip. Alternatively, you may choose to engage in inshore fishing, enjoy a swim at the sandbar, or cruise the bay waters at no additional charge for the remaining time of your trip.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, preventing you from making it to your reservation. Our management team will review each cancellation case on an individual basis and always strive to reschedule a trip rather than retaining your deposit.

We are also taxidermy agents. If you have an interest in having your trophy catch stuffed, please let us know in advance.

Professional underwater dive photography is available upon request at a cost of $150.

For your convenience, we offer catering packages at a cost of $150.

These packages include: 1 case of water, 1 platter of cut Deli Subs (serves 10), 1 pack of sodas, and chips.

Charter Pre-Check Details

Rest and Hydration: Ensure you get a good night’s rest before your trip and stay well-hydrated the day before departure.

Motion Sickness Medication: If you have concerns about seasickness, take a motion sickness pill the night before your trip and again an hour before departure. Note that the medication may not be effective if taken while on the boat.

Clothes to consider wearing: 

  • Comfortable Shirt and Pants: Wear lightweight, breathable clothing that provides sun protection. Long-sleeved shirts and pants can help protect against the sun’s rays.
  • Hat: A wide-brimmed hat or a cap with a visor can shield your face from the sun.
  • Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen generously to exposed skin, especially areas like the face, neck, arms, and legs.
  • Sunglasses: Wear polarized sunglasses to reduce glare from the water. They can also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and injury.
  • Footwear: Choose non-slip, closed-toe shoes with good grip to prevent slipping on a wet deck.
  • Rain Jacket: Bring a lightweight, waterproof rain jacket in case of unexpected rain or spray.
  • Layers: Consider dressing in layers so you can adjust your clothing as the weather changes throughout the day.
  • Gloves: Fishing gloves can provide protection from the sun and help with handling fish.
  • Swimsuit: If you plan to swim
  • Extra Clothes: Pack a change of clothes in case you get wet or need a fresh outfit for the ride back.

Items to consider bringing: 

  • Substantial Snacks: Opt for substantial snacks rather than chips. Consider items like granola bars, trail mix, fruit, sandwiches, or protein bars. These snacks provide sustained energy and keep you feeling satisfied during your fishing excursion. Having substantial snacks on board can help maintain your energy levels throughout the day, ensuring you’re ready for a successful fishing experience.
  • Sandwiches in Sealed Containers: Pack sandwiches in sealed bags or containers. This ensures that your sandwiches stay fresh, protected, and ready to enjoy during your fishing adventure.
  • Bring Drinks and Water (No Glass Allowed)
  • We Provide Small Coolers with Ice Onboard: For safety reasons, only small soft coolers are allowed.
  • Dive Trip Essentials (June – September):
  • Snorkeling Mask
  • Fins
  • Towel
  • Change of Clothes

Food and Drinks: It’s best to purchase your food and drinks the night before the trip. This ensures that you have everything you need on hand and reduces last-minute stress on the day of the excursion.

Boat Details

Why Chose a Open Fisherman?

360 degrees of fish ability and a 35′ x 10′ fishing platform aboard a custom Open fisherman tournament rigged including a full Marlin tower for spotting fish and twin Yamaha 300s ensures you’re first to the fishing grounds. Take advantage of the Center consoles ability to fish live baits on all sides of the vessel creating a bigger area of coverage not possible on cabin sport fish boats. You come to experience the outdoors, not to be crammed in a cabin. No expense is spared to ensure you have a competitive edge on the competition each and every day. The vessel carries top of the line equipment with over 30 matching fishing rod outfits onboard including fly fishing gear to keep you prepared for any opportunity. The vessel is meticulously maintained with the latest equipment with the help of our sponsors Such as new Penn tackle, Yamaha outboards and more.

Boat Specifications

  • Length : 36′ 8″
  • Width : 9′ 8″
  • Draft : 24″
  • Fuel Capacity : 400 Gallon
  • Hull Design : Deep V – 24.5
  • Horsepower : 600 HP (2 yamaha 300s)
  • Max speed 52 MPH
  • Cruising speed 40 MPH
  • Weight : 13,500 Lbs.
  • Over 15 different seating arrangements

Amenities :

  • Toilet Porta Potty 
  • Fresh water & salt-water wash down hose
  • Seats to sit from while fighting large fish. 
  • GPS Garmin with Relief Shading mapping, Chirp Sonar, Side scan,
  • Autopilot
  • Radar Garmin (to locate birds on Gamefish, Avoid weather, and traveling at night)
  • Fish finder Furuno with High Power 1kw sonar Chirp Technology
  • Bed on bow of boat to lay down on. 
  • Marlin Tower 
  • Snorkeling Equipment agreed upon request 
  • 3 Live Bait Well 
  • Multimedia System Receiver With Subwoofer’s and bluetooth Music 
  • Phone Wireless charging Pad
  • Outrigger’s 18′
  • Tuna bait Tube’s 6
  • Underwater Lights
  • Cooler Ice Box
  • Wings enclosure to keep you dry and comfortable
GPS with relief shading, Radar, Autopilot, Fish Finder, E-pirb, VFH Radio, Media Player, electronic controls.
6′ x 25′ shaded protection from the elements with seating for 2 on top of rear cooler seat and 2 in helm area.

Toilet Porta-Poti inside console 
Two 40 gallon Livewell on rear of boat with clear acrylic lids. Freshwater & salt-water wash down hose.
Removable 6 rod holder Rocket Launcher with seating.
Clear Isinglass panels (wings) extending from rear corner of console provides protection to the rear of boat from the elements.
Forward Bed option and Seating in front of console for 2 with shaded sun protection.
Forward seating/storage sits 5-6 adults in shadeFoam coming bolsters line entire gunnel providing comfort on back and knees for leaning against. 
Rear folding bench seat sits 4 adults.
Forward seating also serves as a casing platform.
Forward under gunnel deck lights
New Yamaha 300S 
Tower with full controls provides vantage point to spot fish.